Automation Fair 2017 — Day 1 Cloud Based Machine Analytics for Machine Builders 10/15/2017


  • Todd Smith–Product Manager FactoryTalk Analytics for Machines


  • Rockwell has built a stack that is their IIOT integrated solution–typical to their business model, rather than build on solutions in the IOT space, RA has developed their IIOT stack as an extension of their existing architecture.
  • FactoryTALK Cloud is RA’s cloud solution–running on Azure?
  • FactoryTALK Analytics
    • Hardware AOI/UDT to FactoryTALK Cloud Gateway to FactorTALK Cloud that is consumed by FactoryTALK Analytics
  • Controller Data Structures
    • RAPID Equipment Interface AOI
    • AOI and UDTs need to be added to Controller


  • Cloud Gateway
    • 9300-ENA ($1200)
    • Outbound HTTPS to Cloud


  • Dashboards
    • Centered around MTBF and MTTR and look a lot like ThingWorx
  •  Questions
    • Cloud is Azure–on Prem?
      • No support for on Prem
      • Data is stored in cloud Azure that RA owns
    • Why make analytics data a separate stream of data when protocols exist where edge values and cloud values can be published together?
      • MQTT or another edge protocol has not been considered
    • Is the gateway report by exception or is it polled from the cloud?
      • Report by exception–only changed values are published from the gateway to the cloud
    • Dashboards are static… any custom development possible?
      • No custom development
    • What is the protocol?
  • Summation
    • RA has a cool offering here for OEMs… there are some issues that I expect them to work out in the next 12 months related to data access, dashboard customization and on Premises cloud servers.  As a whole, this is very similar to PTC Thingworx but without the customization available from PTC.  I’d like to see RA adopt a single stream architecture using hub and spoke to an on Prem broker but we will have to wait and see if this develops.
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