The T-Based Theory and SME 1-2-3's

T-based Team Model

Sample Intellic utilizes a T-Based Model where we build wheels of cross-functional talent to meet strategic objectives. Each person represents a “T” where the top of the “T” is an area of expertise while the spoke is the one thing we all have in common, developing in Ignition by Inductive Automation. Wheels are developed to put resources together to make strategic decisions and provide project support. It is invaluable to have engineers pulling from the same pool of resources.

Intellic hires subject matter experts so our clients don’t have to.

What does this mean for potential clients?

Decreased costs for exceptional talent. Let the experts come to you with solutions for making your product faster, service better, customers more satisfied. With Intellic you get top talent for a fraction of the cost of finding, hiring, and maintaining expert-level employees. Intellic already has what you’re looking for – and, we’re ready to work with you!

Fewer delays while receiving better-than-expected solutions. Our Subject Matter Experts build frameworks that allow us to leverage one project to the next. In other words, we aren’t reinventing YOUR WHEEL. We work together to discover the best solution to meet your needs then review our catalog to see what is the best fit. Let’s start at step 7 instead of step 1.

Invested interest in your success. The five core principles that empower Intellic employees drive us to be the best experts possible for you to be successful. We want your company to reach its goals and understand you can accomplish them through the project you entrust our team with. Our mantra is to Delight the Client. We always put our client’s best interest first, always.

What does this mean for potential employees?

Intellic Subject Matter Experts have final say for their area of expertise. Our team pulls from the same pool of resources for assistance in different areas of expert opinion. Rather than decisions influenced by a hierarchy chain of command based on title, we have a flat structure where the expert has final decision authority.

You desire a more challenging work experience. You have ideas but not the support to explore them. At Intellic we encourage staff to push boundaries and discover edge cases. We support staff to dedicate time for research and development. Being a subject matter expert means pushing the limits of your knowledge in your area of expertise.

You want to be part of an elite team. When we interview potential employees, we look for people who crave solving puzzles. The one thing we all have in common is that as kids we took things apart to see how they were put together. If you’re a kindred spirit, it might be time to switch.

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