Automation Fair 2017 — Day 1 WonderLogix Will Change The Way We Program ControlLogix PLCs 10/15/17


I had a profound conversation with three men from Israel just prior to lunch.  The folks at WonderLogix have developed a platform that allows developers to build complex PLC programs using a Node based GUI (think Node Red on steroids) that builds all of the ladder logic, AOI/UDT and documentation in the background while users just create and configure nodes in a GUI interface.  Dror Roth (pictured next to me…) took me through a demo… to say this platform is slick, beautiful and powerful would be major understatements.  Their platform will make it possible for software developers to write PLC code without knowing anything at all about the ControlLogix platform.  For the seasoned Controls Engineer… this is going to cut development and documentation time by 2/3.  This is a fully object oriented environment that allows users to build their objects, connect them together, code the logic and then spit out an L5x file with documentation for import into ControlLogix.

How do they do it?  Watch the vid below…

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