Want to Change the World? Hire A Players

The biggest challenge facing all integrators is acquiring, affording and holding onto high level talent (A Players).

Prior to starting Intellic Integration, I worked for multiple end users and systems integrators over the course of several decades… and at each stop, I observed exactly how not to retain that talent.  Whether it was automotive, steel, printing, mining or systems integration… the disconnect was apparent… they just didn’t get it… and as a result–the rockstars left in search of greener pastures.  They took with them their passion, their expertise and their ability to innovate in real time… and that was bad for the employer in question.

A players want money and benefits–just like every one else–but what sets them apart is their desire for autonomy and meaning.


Boy… was Jobs right… I have witnessed it time and time again over the course of my career… and as a result, I am a true believer in the value of the A Player.

What follows, then, is really quite simple… put together a team of A Players, give them autonomy and an opportunity to work on projects that provide real meaning (like saving and creating middle class jobs) and then get out of the damn way!

This is part of our foundation at Intellic Integration… we build teams of A Players… we inspire them, empower them and then get to changing the world one project at a time.

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