Where is the World Class Talent?

I’m not a sales guy. I’m an engineer. I complete puzzles for a living.

Every time I meet with a potential client they have reached a point of frustration with their automation challenge in which they want to throw up their hands and walk away, but are compelled to find a solution. It is at this time, they find Intellic Integration, and we have a therapy session in which they vent all past integrator encounters and where those have failed. We then move on to the information challenges faced and the seemingly insurmountable barriers to accomplish the goals of SCADA, MES and OEE implementation.

Not to diminish the intense discussion that takes place, but in a short period of time my team and I are able to convey quickly not only our skills but more importantly the peace of mind that Intellic can deliver the information needed to become more efficient and economical.

Intellic Integration has the ability to find a solution to any problem that has weighed on your mind for the last week, month, or years. We offer our clients, competitors, and partners world class talent and integrity of work.

Walker Reynolds
President, Intellic Integration

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