Our Core Values: Expertise

  1. Authenticity
  2. Transparency
  3. Humility
  4. Expertise
  5. Faith-Based Servant Leadership

You can view the explanation of our core values here.


Drives us to maintain our expert status through training and continuing education. We build teams of Subject Matter Experts so our clients don’t have to. The ability to select more complicated projects preserves a work environment that is challenging and exciting. Intellic is viewed as the team who pushes technology to the edge!

What Is Expertise?

  1. We are all experts in a discipline of Engineering and/or Software
  2. We put our experts forward
  3. We share our expertise with our colleagues and our clients

Why Does It Matter?

  1. Expertise is what we are known for… this drives us to live up to our reputations–with great knowledge comes great responsibility
  2. Building teams of subject matter experts is the best way to ensure that our clients leverage technology to do more with less–this is how we help to keep good paying, middle class manufacturing jobs here in the United States

Intellic Integration was born out of a need we observed in the Systems Integration market.  The typical systems integrator has 1 or 2 rockstar engineers/developers and then a host of contractors and junior engineers.  The rockstar engineers are put forward during the sales phase but are rarely used during the development phase–primarily because they are busy working on application engineering and sales.  It is left to contractors and junior engineers to do the development.  We have observed this approach time and time again in the marketplace.

There is an inherent flaw in this model… it has created a vacuum in the market–one that we set out to fill.

The client is sold a bill of goods based on the expertise of the rockstar applications engineer and then delivered a sub-par project by the still developing contractor or junior engineer… this sets the project up to be oversold and underdelivered.  It is pure economics that drives this model… and leaves the client and project wanting.

Early in my career I developed a team building model that allowed us to staff our entire organization with subject matter experts while still being able to afford to offer the most competitive rates for our clients.  This model, known as the T-Based team, has given us an opportunity to build a reputation as being the only systems integrator that guarantees the rockstar subject matter experts will be delivering solutions to our clients at the same price or less than integrators utilizing the more traditional model above.

Our engineers and software developers are the highest paid in the industry… they are the rockstar subject matter experts… and they are the reason we have developed the reputation as being the systems integrator you call when all others have failed.

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